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Vampire Friday o6.o9.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!
Where we last left off, Jake almost lost control and turned Karlea in a heat of passion. Karlea not helping, but encouraging Jake. Afterwards, she was weak from blood loss and her and Jake fell asleep next to each other. Jake had warned her that his blood that was still in her system would not only heal her blood loss, but cause vivid erotic dreams as she slept...

Karlea stirred. Her eyes fluttered open to find herself still against Jake. She looked up to find him awake and staring at her. She smiled and closed her eyes, snuggling against him more. "I would love to wake up like this all the time."
"That could happen. How are you feeling?" He asked.
"Much better." She opened her eyes and looked at him. "You weren't kidding about those dreams."
"I wasn't." Jake replied, "You were yelling out in your sleep a lot and pressing yourself against me --"
"I didn't mind, but it did things to me." Jake smiled, placing her hand on his hard erection. "I wasn't sure if I should just lift you up and put you on me, and let you enjoy it in real life while you were dreaming."
"Maybe next time you should." She said raising her eyebrows, her hand stroking him.
"You'll have to tell me about these dreams, so we can make them happen."
He kissed her, the kiss igniting her passion. She kissed him back with urgency as his hands traveled over her body. His cock throbbing against her hand. He pulled her in tighter to him, wrapping her leg around him. It didn't take much effort to find his way inside, filling her. She moaned loudly as he did, sounding just as she did in her sleep. She pulled away from his lips, smiling and breathing heavily. He thrusted in her a few times, each time she moaned, before lifting her up and repositioning her so she was straddled on top of him. He left his hands on her hips, guiding her in the movement. He could tell how close she was already by the hot fluids that were escaping her and by how tight she was clenching around him. He moved his hands slowly up to her breast, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Her reaction was to ride him faster and harder. It wasn't going to take him long either with that kind of reaction from her. He was sure their sounds were filling his whole apartment. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her down into a kiss. 
"I love you." Escaped his lips as she pulled away.
"I love you, too." She breathed, falling over the edge of orgasm...

"My progeny is in love with a human, fabulous." Vaughn said, as he entered the room with fury. Jake was so lost to the moment, he never sensed Vaughn in his apartment. Karlea fell against Jake as he pulled the comforter over her bare skin.
"Don't you ever fucking knock?" Jake shouted, frustrated, he was so close before Vaughn burst into the room.
"By all means," Vaughn said, taking a sip of the glass of whiskey in his hand, "please continue, this is better than porn. It's not like I haven't watched you fuck before, Jake."
Vaughn referencing the old times where he and Jake would take on the night, courting beautiful woman, only to sleep with them and kill them in the end. "I want to watch the surprise at the end where you kill this one and then turn her."
"Not happening today." Jake said as he unwrapped himself from Karlea. Before she could blink, Jake was already standing, pulling his briefs up. He turned around and tried to cover Karlea more.
"Like I've never seen a beautiful human woman naked before." Vaughn retorted.

Karlea threw the covers off her and jumped out of Jake's bed, standing in front of Vaughn.
"And now you've seen me." She said with an attitude. She watched as both their mouths dropped for a split second. Jake's then turning into a smile at her boldness. Vaughn's eyes turning to lust as Karlea grabbed her t-shirt off of the floor and put it on. 

"What are you doing here?" Jake asked.
"I brought you the things you asked for..." Vaughn replied, taking the small wooden stakes out of his pocket and placing them on the dresser. Vaughn somewhat anxious to get them off his person, just in case. "So, now, back to the issue at hand. My progeny is in LOVE with a human woman. This can only end by her being turned, as well. Even if she's not ready for such things. I demand as your sire, you turn her now because if I have to do it, it won't be pretty."
"Better watch it, Vaughn, I see hints of Reed in you." Jake said, knowing bringing up his connection to Reed was always a sore spot for Vaughn.

"I'm sure yours will surface at some point, too," Vaughn replied, "if he's in me then he's in you, don't forget that, its in our bloodline. And just think if he surfaces when you are with her."
Jake looked over at Karlea. Before he could look back over at Vaughn, Vaughn came at him, plunging a stake into his side. Jake fell to the floor. 
"Jake!" Karlea screamed, tears immediately rolling down her cheeks, the room began to spin at the loss of Jake. Her heart pounding against her chest.
"You have so much to learn." Vaughn taunted. "He's not dead. If I were to stab you with one of these anywhere, you would most likely die. Vampires on the other hand, only a stake through the heart will end immortality. Anywhere else is just paralysis. These ones splinter really bad, so removing all the splinters is a bitch. Probably good to know that beforehand."
Vaughn turned to Jake, "Isn't that right, Jake? Now, am I going to make you watch from the front row as your human love dies and comes back anew as a vampire? She'll probably still love you, but there is the whole who sired her thing she'll have deal with."
While Vaughn was busy taunting Jake, Karlea quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. She grabbed a stake from dresser and ran at Vaughn with all of her strength, driving the stake close to his heart. His heavy body fell next to Jake's.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with Vaughn? That was unexpected. So good that she managed to get him at his own game. Also good that she didn't kill him even if it seems like she intended to because they might need him for later.