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Vampire Friday o7.21.17

Welcome to Vampire Friday! I have been M.I.A. for weeks. I've just been so busy with summer vacation. I have been working on the following snippet for a few weeks now because that's how slow I am writing. Adulting has taken priority over my writing, unfortunately.

So, this picks up right where we left off the last time I posted, after Karlea staked Vaughn. After helping Jake get all the splinters out, she was about to help Vaughn.

Vaughn still sat on the bedroom floor, attempting to pull the splinters out, as Karlea walked into the room. Vaughn watched her as she made her way over, setting her tea on the dresser. She knelt beside him, Jake keeping watch from the doorway.
"Are you here to push the splinters in deeper?" Vaughn said, trying to move away from her, the splinters making it difficult.
"Don't tempt me." Karlea replied. She wiped the knife on the towel. "I'm here to help. Let me see."
Vaughn looked at Jake, he was covered in blood, much as she was. 
She could see where some of the splinters were underneath his skin as her fingers caressed his torso. 
"Hold still." she said as she made an incision. Vaughn gritted his teeth, but laughed through the pain.
"It all fascinates you, doesn't it?" Vaughn asked, as he watched her, her attention caught on the bleeding incision. 
"Maybe." She said quietly, as she felt for the splinters. She stuck her fingers inside the wound, reaching for splinters. "This is probably the only time I'll touch you like this, so you better enjoy it."

Jake snickered in the corner, Vaughn glancing at him.
"Did Jake tell you we've shared before?" He questioned. Karlea let a splinter slip through her fingers, letting it poke Vaughn. She smiled as he winced.

"Not directly," She answered, "But I get the sense you have more than once."
"Aw, Jake, you've got to share the stories." Vaughn said, smiling. "Remember Katie? She was fun--"
"Not now, Vaughn." Jake interrupted, as Karlea looked up at him. She took a splinter she had a hold of and jabbed it into Vaughn, making him yell out in pain. Jake laughed.
"You're not going to make me jealous with past loves and bloodbags." Karlea commented, "You're vampires, I'm sure things are complicated and don't follow the traditional norm."
"You just had to go for the bold bartender, didn't you, Jake?"
"I like her." Jake replied, winking at Karlea, who smiled.
"Apparently, she's covered in blood in places she shouldn't be." 
Vaughn replied, referencing the blood on her neck and face. 

Vaughn winced again, making Karlea lose her her grip on another splinter.
"Stop moving. I didn't even jab that one into you this time."
Vaughn stared at her.

Karlea looked at Jake before offering her wrist to Vaughn.
"Just drink. It will push them out. But you better stop when I tell you to." 
"Why are you helping me?" He asked as he looked at her wrist.
"As if you didn't hear us talking out there. Apparently, you and Jake are a packaged deal. If I'm with Jake, I take you on, too."
"So, what exactly does that mean?" Vaughn bared his fangs.
Karlea looked at him. "Sharing." She finally said. 
Vaughn smiled and sank his fangs into her wrist. She stifled her moan and focused on pulling the splinters as her blood made them push out of Vaughn. 
Jake appeared behind her, tapping his fingers on her shoulders.
"Are you okay?" He asked, as Vaughn continued to drink, his wound healing itself.

"Yeah, I'm good." 
She felt Jake kneel down behind her. He locked his fingers with hers, bringing her hand up to his mouth, planting small kisses on it.  He pressed his lips to her throat. Her breath became heavy with anticipation, as she tilted her head to the side to give him better access. This time her voice filled the room, as Jake bit down. Her hand reaching behind his neck to hold him to her. 
Finally she said, "You both need to stop or I'm going to pass out."
Vaughn surprisingly let go first, followed by Jake.
"My blood is still in your system. I can taste it. It will heal you. A little more won't hurt." Jake said, drunk on her, before sinking his fangs back in. 

Well, that got out of hand....
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