Friday, January 26, 2018

Vampire Friday o1.26.18

I haven't been on here in forever it seems. I haven't been writing, but I am slowly getting back into it. I wrote most of this over the summer and never posted it. It's still Friday here, so I'm gonna post it. 

"Things can get out of control, so quickly." Vaughn commented, as Karlea leaned back against Jake. Vaughn held her wrist as if he was going to drink from her again. She wasn't quite sure she could handle Vaughn taking anymore from her without losing consciousness. 
"You're not even trying to fight us off." Vaughn said, "If you think this feels good, imagine what its like to be one of us. You belong as one of us."
"One day..." Vaughn added, as he dropped her wrist from his grip. 
Jake let go of her throat and rested his head against hers, wrapping his arms around her.
"I'm sorry." He whispered, trying to get control of himself.
"Don't be," She whispered back, "Just hold me until I feel better."
"Always." Jake replied, "I know when to stop, I just don't know if I always will."
"Awww...Jake, I thought you were going to make me proud for a moment." Vaughn interjected, "I mean if I have to sire her, I will, but she's really yours to sire. Besides you really need to have the experience of siring anyway. The last one didn't count."
Karlea glanced up at Jake. 
"She's out there somewhere..." Vaughn continued. 
"Damn it, Vaughn! You know damn well she isn't out there." Jake said with anger. He looked down at Karlea and spoke softly, "I turned a woman, a long time ago. It didn't go well, she was killing every human in sight. I ended up staking her through the heart."
"I promise I will explain my very long past to you that way you can make a better decision about if you want to delve into this any deeper with me."

"I don't know, Jake, she's already pretty far down the rabbit hole already, there's no climbing out, not with her human life anyway."

"Damn it, Vaughn, you could be just a little bit positive." Jake said as he helped her to her feet, after making sure she was healed and could stand on her own.
"Just telling it like it is." Vaughn replied.
Jake grabbed a stake off of the nightstand and eyed Vaughn before handing it to Karlea.
"These are for you, for protection. Always carry one on you."

"I think you get the gist of how to do it." Vaughn said.
"We are stronger, faster, and way more aware than you. We can hear every movement, every beat of your heart, as loud as you normally hear things. You need to be quick and do it while they are distracted. Have the element of surprise." Jake said.

Karlea nodded.
"These are also for us," Jake continued, "Its the only protection you need with me. If I get out of control...just stake me like you did Vaughn. Just not through the heart."
"Right." She replied unsure. 
Jake squeezed her arm for reassurance. She grabbed onto his arm and fell into his body. 
"I know its a lot to take in." He said, wrapping his arms around her. Jake looked at Vaughn. Vaughn rolled his eyes. We'll talk later, he said mentally to Jake before exiting the room.

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  1. I like how he is teaching her to protect herself but I'm not really sure how efficient that is going to be. Plus Vaughn is right, she is going to be in danger every single day as long as she hangs out with them and even if she doesn't.

    Sorry I'm late, I kind of forgot.