Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Midweek Tease o2.28.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop!
We continue on where we left off last week, with Charlotte's thoughts as she opens the museum in the morning.

Sarah came up from the cafe to bring Frank a nice hot cup of coffee, like she always did. She made her way over after she gave it to him and had a short conversation, probably about the good old days.

“SO did you go home with him?!” She exclaimed, practically pouncing on the desk. I pushed my chair a bit back from the desk, a little frightened by her behavior.
“No.” I replied, quietly.
“I saw you leave with him.”
“He walked me to my car.” I simply said.
“And the flowers?” She asked, looking at the daisies. “Hey, that’s not our coffee and muffins.”
She smiled at me like she already knew the answer.
“Mr. Pierce surprised me with it this morning with it. He had it delivered.”
“It must be nice to have money and be able to have things delivered.”
“Yeah, he’s a real fairy tale prince.” I said.
How do I make people realize I wasn’t interested in his money? Actually his money, could end up being a big problem for me.
“Would you have gone home with him, if he had asked?”
“No.” I answered, although it came out unsure instead of confident. Shit.
I watched as Sarah grinned and walked back down to the cafe.

Okay, truth, if he had asked me last night, I probably would have, even though I told him last night on the phone I wouldn’t have. It was true, I still felt I was representing the museum last night as he walked me to my car, but it would have been very difficult to say no. I was glad I didn’t have to make that decision.

He’s damn sexy, intelligent, and intense. I just needed to sleep with him and get it out of my system and hopefully move on, falling in love was not my thing. Although being infatuated with him since he walked through the doors last night seemed to be. Usually that wasn’t my thing either. Especially after complaining that I had to stay late last night, and then after I met him, all that went away and I suddenly would stay ALL night if I had to just to be near him. Damn it, why did everything feel so intense around him?

I had a feeling Mr. Pierce and I were already the water cooler talk of the museum, but I was hoping Sarah wouldn’t blab any of our conversation. I didn’t want to earn the reputation of going home with our exhibiting artists. Or having to explain my sexual preferences, when everyone in this city was so cookie cutter, by the mold, on dating and relationships.

I enjoyed the muffin and tea while checking my museum email. Jonathan had sent me an updated list of works sold of Mr. Pierce, in case any museum patrons were interested in purchasing. I perused the list after I printed it, so I would be more knowledgeable. The price tags on the art were mind boggling, even though I worked in a museum. I saw the ones that were to be gifts to the museum, and gifts to…..Charlotte Wait...what??

I stared at the paper and then grabbed my phone. I was going to wait to text Mr. Pierce, I figured we both had a late night and it was possible he was still sleeping, but I just couldn’t wait.

Good morning, thank you for everything. It wasn’t necessary, especially not your works of art. I can’t take those, they are worth so much more.

I wasn’t expecting a response right away, hoping my text didn’t wake him. As I waited for the museum to open for the day, I went through the bubble bath, smelling each one, trying to use the scents to relax. My thoughts traveled back to my bubble bath last night and how I thought about him the whole time, up until he had called me. If he had only known what I was doing in that bathtub. I had a feeling using the bubble bath he had gotten me would only enhance the next time.

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  1. LOL and he actually is a real fairy tale prince :-)

  2. He seems really interested and I agree about the fairy tale prince comment, though knowing you that's probably going to turn bloody pretty soon.

  3. An intriguing and well-written teaser!

  4. Everyone needs a friend like this. Glad she can be honest with herself.