Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vampire Friday o2.16.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week!

We continue right where we left off last week...

Karlea stood under the hot water of Jake's nice, contemporary shower. She admired how nice his SOHO luxury apartment was, compared to what she lived in. Even though Jake had been into her apartment already, now that she had been in his, she was embarrassed when they made the quick trip over for her to grab her things, all though she knew he didn't care about things like that.

It felt good to be out of that apartment and somewhere else. It had carried so much bad history for her. Danny had plagued her in that apartment, even after he became a drug addict and ran off with Luna. She tried so many times to move, but every shoebox apartment she went for, fell though. One of the problems of living in Manhattan. 

She continued to stand under the water, trying to wrap her head around everything that had happened over the last few days. Her life was no longer the same. She was caught between whether or not this a good thing, being thrown into a world of vampires...most of which wanted her all dead in some form or another. Her life no longer boring. She always thought she would fit into the vampire world and always wished it were real. And it was, and she was already apart of it. 

And then there was this whole thing with Jake that came out of nowhere. That's why she was so attracted to him that night at the club and why she felt an immediate connection, he was not part of the human world. Things that would matter to humans didn't phase him, such as having a woman you just met move in with you out of the blue. He was hot, sexy, and just made her feel amazing. 

She didn't know how much time she had, so she decided she was going to enjoy whatever she could despite the circumstances that stood before her. 

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  1. Deep thinking today. I like how it calms down the pace of the story.