Friday, February 23, 2018

Vampire Friday o2.23.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday!
We continue where we left off last week...
Karlea stepped into the living room after she was ready, Jake at his computer.
"How was your shower?" He asked, noticing how beautiful she looked all dressed up for work at the club. 

"It felt good." She replied, as Jake made his way to her
"I thought about joining you, but I figured you needed some time to be alone with your thoughts. I've kind of dumped a lot on you."

"Next time for sure." She smiled. 
She looked up into his eyes. For whatever reason, she just knew. "You're getting hungry, aren't you?"
"A little." He replied.
"I can notice it in your eyes, they're changing."

"Most wouldn't notice until my eyes change completely to red or black, which isn't normally a good thing."
"Well, I can see it." Karlea replied.
"You're not an ordinary human." Jake smiled, walking to the kitchen. 

Karlea watched as he went to the refrigerator, moving fruit and food out of the way, so he could reach far into the back. She watched as he pulled out a bag of blood from the blood bank. He emptied some into a glass and heated it in the microwave.
"So, explain the eyes changing color."

"Red means hunger and usually when we feed they turn red. Either way you get a head start and run. Black...Black you run even faster. Black, we've lost all control, nothing will stop us from killing everything in sight."
"Right, got it."
She watched as Jake choked down the glass of blood.

"Here." She said, instinctually holding out her wrist.
"I can't. I can't get used to drinking from you. Its how accidents happen."

"But isn't it unsafe for you not to, like if you have a little every day won't it help for you be around me?"
"Perhaps. But all of it is risky. I don't drink from you, I could go into a frenzy and kill you. I do drink from you and I could not stop and kill you."
"Rough. We should probably just accept the fact that you could kill whatever way."
Jake shook his head.
"Why, not?" Karlea asked, "I have nothing to lose, especially with everything that could happen out there."

She watched Jake take another gross sip.
"And its got to be better than that." She added.
"Much." Jake agreed.

"Please just take it." She said holding out her wrist again.
Jake looked at her wrist, then to his glass, then back to her wrist. He shook his head and placed his fingers around her wrist. He closed his eyes, bringing his fangs to her wrist. As he bit down, a small moan escaped her. She put her free arm around Jake and dug her nails into his skin, pressing her body into him. 

Jake didn't take much before he felt full, the bagged blood helping with that, even though her blood tasted infinitely better. But with her reaction to his bite, he wanted to continue drinking.
He pulled away, planting kisses on her wrist and licking up any left over blood. He placed his hand on her warm cheek, bringing his lips to hers. Their kiss intense, Jake lifted her up and set her down on the island counter, continuing to kiss her. 

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  1. She is going to end up exsanguinated. I'm starting to think she either has a dead wish or she loves feeding him.. and even maybe both.