Friday, February 2, 2018

Vampire Friday o2.o2.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday! My favorite day of the week! We continue on where we left off last week...

"We should have a talk," Jake said, as he set a cup of tea in front of Karlea, who was seated at the island counter, "we got so caught up in everything....which I love, but I found out things the other night at Battery Park."
"You never did tell me what happened out there." Karlea replied.
"Danny wasn't there, or if he was, he was hiding really good. But Luna was there. We were ambushed by what I would call her minions. Although, Vaughn and I took a devastating hit, we still managed to win. Vaughn was able to information out of her before he killed her."
"Vaughn staked her?" She asked.
"More like ripped out her dead heart and then staked it."

Oh, Karlea mouthed, having a bit of a hard time imagining all this happening. 
"Danny got on the bad side of some really bad vampires. Not that any of us are good. He took something from them and said he gave it to you. Now they are after you. ANd their leader is none other than Reed."
Karlea looked at Jake, recognizing that name from Jake and Vaughn fighting in the bedroom.
"Reed is --" Jake started out.

"Vaughn's sire." Karlea finished. Jake stared at Karlea. "Reed made Vaughn, Vaughn made you. You're all connected in blood. And Reed wants to kill me. Your whole lineage wants me dead in some form or another."
Jake placed his hand on hers. "Reed is one of the first and oldest vampires, which also makes him the strongest."
A tear ran down Karlea's cheek.
"Hey," Jake said, wiping it away, "I promised to protect you and that's what I'm going to do."

"How do you protect me from one of the oldest and strongest vampires?" 
"Vaughn and I will handle Reed. And I'm not letting you out of my sight." He answered.
"How long can you do that for? I mean, realistically, Jake, --" 

"Karlea, realistically, I can do this for an eternity. And I want to do it for however long it takes."

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  1. Yeah, like technically he doesn't really have anything better to do, which is her luck but can she stand to be locked up with him like forever, I'm not too sure about that.