Friday, February 9, 2018

Vampire Friday o2.o9.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday!

We continue on where we left off last week...

"Why would you risk everything for me, Jake? There's millions of me out there."
"There's only one of you. And you know why I'm willing to risk're more than a just another human." Jake replied. 
Karlea looked at him and gave him a slight smile before resting her head on his shoulder. 
"I know this is so much to take in. It completely changes your life and opens a whole other world."
"Its okay." She said, "But I'm not like you. I would imagine years pass like days for you."
Jake nodded.
"I can't stay holed up in your apartment for an infinite amount of time. I'll go crazy. I'm a bartender. I need to do my thing, not be a hermit, afraid of the world."

"You mean you don't want to be holed up, having amazing sex all day and night?" He joked. 
Karlea smiled and slightly laughed. Jake pulled her close.
"I'm kidding. I understand what you mean. Its why I work for the magazine, passes the time. I'll be by your side the whole time, whatever it is that you need to do."

Karlea walked over to the window and looked out, down over the street below. 
"I harbor this secret that most humans don't know, of a world they have no idea that exists..."
Jake appeared behind her.
"...with my own personal vampire." She added as she reached her arms back around Jake.
She looked at the sky as clouds rolled out of the way, and rays of the setting sun reflected off the buildings.
" can't go outside until its completely dark." 

Jake laughed. "I'm not going to burst into flames, Karlea. I can walk in the sun. It drains me, but it would take it awhile to drain me to death. Not all the myths are true."
Karlea turned around to face him, "I should go to work tonight or I probably won't have a job anymore."
"Anything you need." Jake replied.
"A shower and some new clothes from my place."

Jake nodded. "Let me call Vaughn. I'll have him meet us at the club later."
"Really? Vaughn?" Karlea said, rolling her eyes. "Sure to be an interesting night."
"Always." Jake responded.

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  1. Wow, 24 hours protection, that would drive me more crazy than staying alone in his apartment.
    I'm not so sure their trip to the club is going to run too smoothly especially that Vaughn is going to be there.