Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vampire Friday o3.o2.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday!
We continue where we left off last week...
"Here." Karlea said, as she set a drink of whiskey on the bar in front of Jake. He looked at it and looked at her. "Its the least I can do while you sit there and watch me work."
She smiled and went back to setting up the bar for the night. Jake finished texting Vaugh then watched her dance around behind the bar as she set more bottles of alcohol on the shelves. The DJ already getting his set up running, turning his mixes on lower than club volume, so everyone could still hear each other. 
Karlea came back over stocking cherries, limes, lemon, and orange slices. 
"Hey Girl, feeling better?" Karlea's co-bartender, Tammy, said as she entered behind the bar.
"Yeah, I was really sick. Couldn't get out of bed." Karlea replied, staring at Jake.
"Here," Tammy said handing her a packaged salad, "Maybe if you ate sometimes, you wouldn't get so sick. You're way to skinny."

"Oh my god, I'm actually so hungry. Thanks, Tammy." Karlea replied as she quickly opened the salad and dug into it.
"I totally forgot to feed you. I'm so sorry." Jake said.
Tammy glared at him for a second. "Ugh, guys." She said before walking off. 

Karlea laughed, looking at Jake, "If she only knew."
"You fed me and I totally forgot to feed you." Jake replied, concerned.
"Its okay, I'm sure you're not used to having a human in the house." She replied, quietly.
"True, but I need to have food for you. Also need to get you some B6 supplements, if I'm going to be drinking from you. You need to keep your strength up or you will be unconscious in my bed for most of your existence."
"I don't mind being in your bed, but I'd prefer to be conscious." She shot back with a wicked smile on her face.
She went back to her salad as she finished setting up. 

"Karlea," Matt called from the other end of the bar, "here go get the cash drawers from the safe."
He threw his keys with force at her. Karlea attempted to catch them but they hit her hand before landing with a loud thud on the floor.
"Ouch." She yelled, "Damn it, Matt, you know I'm not like you."

Matt chuckled. When Karlea had returned tonight to the club, her, Jake and Matt had to have a talk to let Matt know what was going on. Jake let her in beforehand that Matt was actually a vampire, too, along with some of the security guards. Matt already was aware of something going on between Danny and Luna, that involved dragging Karlea into it. But it wasn't until tonight that he knew that Reed was the one looking for Karlea. 

Jake was too busy staring off towards the door sensing something, as Karlea walked off towards Matt's office. Jake looked over at Matt, as Matt, too, caught the scent of vampires. He rushed over to Jake's side as they watched towards the door.
"Reed." Jake said, "I can feel him in my blood."

Oh no, Karlea might be in trouble...

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