Sunday, March 25, 2018

WeWriWa 03.25.18

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue where we left off last week... where Armani disappeared from the room and then brought back a cell phone.

Karlea looked at it. It wasn't hers. Hers was still in Manhattan somewhere. And it wasn't Armani's that she remembered.
"You can call your precious Jake. If he still wants you and comes for you, you are free to go. But his blood can't help you. Hopefully he's smart enough to tell you not to kill yourself."
Karlea picked up the phone and looked at it...this could be her freedom.

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Enjoy your Sunday!

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs, ~Siren X


  1. Eeeh, what will she do? Even if she gets away, it sounds like she’ll have problems.

  2. I've had the feeling all along that this Armani dude is dangerous at best, villainous as worst.

  3. The stakes just went up. What will she do? Good snippet.

  4. Oh wow! What the hell did he do to her? Is he going to throw her away now?