Wednesday, June 6, 2018

MidWeek Tease o6.o6.18

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I have been MIA for months. I work at an elementary school and the school year just got totally crazy, I couldn't keep up with my creative life :( We have 12 days left of the school year and thankfully I have summer off! So, where we last left off in my story here, Anton (a vampire) was feeding from a human donor before his big date with a human woman...
Marlena watched closely as I drank and drank. Jax’s body becoming weak beneath me, but his heart was still okay. I signaled to Marlena that he was fine, not wanting that stake in me. His blood helping to calm the monster. I did as I was trusted and held him, bringing him to the sofa as I still drank. Marlena obviously didn’t trust me and checked the pulse in his wrist, as she sat next to him. She was right in not trusting me. A part of me did want to lie to her, so I could keep drinking to the very end. She was smart in checking his pulse, it would make my decision of whether or not to stop in time, much easier.
His heart started to weaken fast, I pulled away quickly. That was harder than it looked, but I had the image of Charlotte’s eyes in my mind and the thought of how disappointed she would be in me if I had killed.
I looked at Marlena. My eyes and fangs must have scared her this time because she asked, “Am I safe?”
She held tightly onto the stake, awaiting my reply.
“Yes, Jax settled the monster, calmed the craving. I am no more hungry than when you usually come. There is nothing to fear.” I wasn’t lying to her, but my Romanian accent came out thick and I spoke the way the old me spoke back in the 1800’s.
“No offence, Anton, but I don’t trust you, so I’m holding onto this while you feed.”
“I understand. And I’m still only taking it from your wrist.”
Marlena positioned herself comfortably on the sofa. I sat next to her and she made sure she was at an angle where she could stake me if needed. I drank until she started to become weak, wanting to show her I meant no harm, and she could trust me again.
“You can take a bit more, I trust you will stop. I don’t want you to relapse while on your date, that would be awful. Please,” She said, still holding her wrist out to me, “be full.”
I drank more until she was unconscious like Jax. I carefully placed her on Jax, resting on him, so they would come to, together.

I looked at them, wishing I could have the love and companionship they had. They had been through so much together, and their work was so dangerous, but they did it together knowing that one night, one of them may not return. I made a promise to them that in time or if anything happened to either one of them, that I would turn them. I really didn’t want to turn anyone with this gift I had, but they had done so much for me in the twenty years I knew them that if they wanted it, it was the least I could do for them.

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