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Vampire Friday o7.2o.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday!
This continues on from where I left off a few weeks ago.

As Matt started to take down Reed's men like dominoes, Jake went for Reed. He grabbed onto Reed's collar, throwing him into the wall with such force the bricks cracked.
Reed laughed. "I don't know why you have to make this so difficult, I just want the girl."

"You can't have her." Jake replied. 
Reed grabbed ahold of Jake and threw him across the room, only when he hit the wall and fell to the floor, bricks fell with him. Reed appeared in front of him. 
"You always seem to forget, Jake, I'm so much stronger than you. This is pointless."
The crunch of Jake's bones echoed as Reed stomped on his leg.  Jake yelled out. 
Reed pulled out a stake as he kept his weight on Jake's leg. He turned to see Matt, still beating the crap out of his men. Reed shook his head and threw the stake at Matt, nailing him in the torso. Matt hit the ground, paralyzed. 
Jake grabbed onto Reed and did his best to throw Reed off of him and across the floor. Jake made it slowly to his feet, putting his weight on his one still good leg. Reed ran and lunged at him,shoving him into the wall, Reed throwing punches. 
"STOP!!!" Karlea screamed, as she ran around the corner. 
Reed turned to look at her, holding Jake by the throat.
"Ah, just who I was looking for." Reed said. He threw Jake to the floor and faced her.
"You must be Karlea. I'm --"

"Reed. I know who you are." Karlea said. 
"Oh, good you've heard of me." Reed replied.
Karlea ran over to Jake's side, not turning her back on Reed. Tears streamed down her face.
Reed took in her scent as she kneeled next to Jake, right in front of him. 

"Wow, Jake, you really courted this one." Reed glanced at Karlea, "I can smell him all over you, many times over."
Karlea rolled her eyes. "Fuck you." She said, quietly.
Reed smirked and then nodded towards his men. Two of them appeared next to Karlea, pulling her up and away from Jake, as she tried to fight the grip they had on her. Another one of his men, tossed Reed a stake. 

"No." Karlea screamed, as Reed planted the stake into Jake. Just missing his heart.
"He'll be fine," Reed said, "he may need to drain a few to recover, but he will recover. He's lucky I'm only in the mood to kill one today. Next time, however..."

Reed nodded again to his men that held Karlea. They released their hold and shoved her forward into Reed. He grabbed onto her and held his arms around her, as she tried to push herself away from him. 
He laughed, "Struggling is pointless. Although, I am enjoying it, so please continue."
Karlea looked up at him and stopped, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. And he was much stronger than her, so it wasn't doing any good. 
"You simply don't listen, do you?" Reed joked, before slapping her across the face. "That was for rolling your eyes at me before. I don't tolerate that, its rude."
"So is commenting on how many times I fuck someone." She replied. 

Reed snickered, "I wouldn't tolerate that mouth either. You could be some real fun."
He stared at her for a bit, thinking of all the possibilities, before snapping himself away, "Right, first, the issue at hand. There's only one I want to kill today, and I have a feeling its not going to be you if you give me the answer I'm expecting that you're going to give."
Reed walked over to his men, dragging Karlea by the wrists behind him.

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  1. I guess that answer my previous question.
    Reed is really a piece of work. Hopefully Karlea is going to cooperate because the situation seems a bit hopeless.