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MidWeek Tease 1o.24.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thank you to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte was on her date with with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. After things started to heat up in public, Anton decided to bring her back to his penthouse. We are in Charlotte's p.o.v...
*This is still a WIP

He led me through the first floor, pointing to doors...bathroom, office, laundry room, and the door to the large terrace that had a hot tub and a small indoor swimming pool that was encased in glass, I could only guess it was heated since most of the year this city is the tundra.
He led me up a beautiful modern wooden stairway that went to the second floor, explaining that there was a master bedroom and bath, a second bedroom, a second bath, and a library. I followed him around speechless over the luxury, I wasn’t used to any of this, my place looked like a shithole. He opened the door to one of the rooms, I walked in. It was the master bedroom and it was huge. It was his bedroom.
“I can’t imagine having all this space.” I said.
“It is nice, but I don’t really like living in a building. I like my country house, its quiet, wooded, and no neighbors. But this will do when I have to stay in the city, which is looking to be more frequent now.” He said, as he looked at me and smiled.
I smiled back at him and he took my hand and led me out to the balcony that overlooked the city and his terrace.
I stared at the city lights that stretched out and below, as I leaned against the balcony.
“You really miss the big city, don’t you?” He said, standing right next to me, watching me stare.
“Sometimes. This city hardly compares.” I replied, snapping myself out of it. I looked at him and smiled. “Maybe there’s enough here to keep me occupied and happy. Maybe all that other stuff doesn’t matter.”
“I hope so, I hope to make you happy for however long I may.”
I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on him, closing my eyes. The last thing I wanted tonight was a relationship, but yet here I was dating a millionaire, feeling way more connected than I should, and wanting him way more than I should. I already felt like I was in love with him, which sounded crazy.
He held me tight, until I opened my eyes and looked up at him. Our lips met and our hands began to explore each other’s bodies, groping and gripping at fabric. He pulled me back inside his bedroom, pulling my cropped hoodie off as soon as I stepped over the threshold. I managed to unbutton his shirt, sliding it off his arms, leaving him in a black t-shirt. That was first time i had seen his bare arms. He was more muscular than I had expected, and tattooed. One arm had various black mandalas and moons. The other was a black and grey dragon/serpent-like body without feet that flowed around and down his arm and ended at his wrist, the head of the dragon trapped under his sleeve. The only bright color was red that flowed off of the serpent body in various places. My fingers caressed the serpent body as he began to kiss my neck. I dug my fingers into his arm as he sucked hard at my neck. I couldn’t help but to moan and breath heavily. He moved down towards my chest, before pulling himself away. I continued to caress his tattooed arm, pushing up the sleeve on shirt, the serpent body ending with a beautiful wolf’s head -- not exactly what I was expecting. He looked at my fingers caressing his tattoo and smiled at me.
“How drunk are you?” He asked.
“Not really at all.” I replied.
“The moonshine?”
I shook my head, “Burning a hole in my stomach and killing my liver, but that’s about it.”
“Good.” He smirked, “Punishments are owed, Miss Charlotte, before we get carried away any further. I’ll take it easy since it is our first time. Now please remove your short shorts, if its not too much for our second date.”
He did it again, caling me Miss, and once again, I had to keep myself from melting into a puddle on the floor. I stared at him.
“Well, considering I was ready to remove all my clothing a minute ago, Mr. Pierce,” I noticed his eyebrows raise at this and he slightly bit his lip. “I don’t think my short shorts are too much.” I replied snarky.
He rolled his eyes and shook his head, “That mouth is just going to keep getting you in trouble.”
I turned away from him and swayed my hips as I slowly pulled off my short shorts, leaving me in my black lace boy short panties. I stepped out of my short shorts, making sure to not catch them on my boots, leaving them as a heap on the floor. I turned and faced him. His eyes traveled down my body, and I enjoyed it, my lace panties very revealing.
“Turn around.” He demanded in a tone that i hadn’t experienced with him yet. It reverberated through my body, making every nerve tingle. I wasn’t going to last long with him.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

MidWeek Tease 1o.17.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thank you to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte was on her date with with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. After things started to heat up in public, Anton decided to bring her back to his penthouse. We are in Charlotte's p.o.v...

I held onto his arm as we stood in the elevator, secretly hoping for more of what had occurred in the street. My nervousness attacked me once again, and I silently screamed in my head for him to quit making me feel that way.
His fingers caressed my hand and wrist before his hand tightened on mine, drawing me in closer to him. His lips pressed against mine, taking my breath away for yet another time tonight. He pulled away in time for the elevator to ding for our floor - he must have known exactly how many seconds he would have. We smiled at each other as he led me out of the elevator. I followed him down the narrow hallway to the P2 door, he unlocked the door, turned on the lights, and held the door open for me.

I tried to keep my jaw from falling as I walked in, the door closing behind me. The front door led into a small hallway that opened up into a spacious living room. His penthouse was stunning -- new and modern, the exterior walls were all glass with gorgeous views of the city (wait, did I just call this city gorgeous?), and expensive...definitely expensive.
Off the living room was a dining room and a kitchen with and island counter and a sink. Off the kitchen, there was a sliding glass door that looked like it led to an outdoor area.

Anton watched me as I was looking around his living room at all the artwork and sculptures he had...none i really recognized the artist of. Except one...a lesser known Van Gogh of a cafe scene.
“Should I even ask if this is the real thing?” I said as he walked up behind me, taking a sip from his glass, holding a second glass. He shook his head no as he swallowed. He handed the second glass to me. I looked at the small amount of liquid that was in it.
“Real homemade Kentucky moonshine.” Anton answered, “I don’t want to give you too much, it might make you really drunk. You can’t consent, if you are drunk.”
“And what exactly would I be consenting to, Mr. Pierce?” I said in my testing tone.
“Punishments are owed, my dear, for that smart mouth of yours.” He smiled.
I smiled and shook my head, raising the glass. The liquid hit my throat, it tasted sweet and cinnamon-y, like apple pie, but strong, very burned my throat.
“It tastes like apple pie.” I said, barely able to speak.
“Which is exactly why I only gave you a little. The proof on this stuff is through the roof and with it tasting like apple pie, you won’t realize how much you’ve drank until you’re hallucinating face first into the floor.” He answered as he finished his.
“May I ask how you acquired that?” I said, my voice back to normal.
“Business partner gifted it to me to try.”
“Thinking about dabbling in moonshine?” I joked.
“Maybe. Have an underground moonshine distillery at the winery.”
“Then you could open an underground speakeasy themed bar to serve it.”
“Not a bad idea.” He took the empty glass from me and placed it with his on the coffee table.
“Would you like a tour?”

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Vampire Friday 1o.12.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday, my favorite day of the week! I am in and out of participating depending on how my work week goes. So far, I'm still trying to balance work with writing and posting.

Where we last left off, Reed ripped out Danny's heart right in front of Karlea. Vaughn showed up to help rescue Karlea, making her drink his blood, so she would hopefully be strong enough to fight off vampires. She was doing well, until one of Reed's men knocked her across the floor...
Karlea tasted her own blood in her mouth.
"Well, that hurt." She said with attitude that resembled Vaughn's as she pulled herself from the floor.
A boot connected with her torso. Her ribs cracking from the force made her scream. She fumbled in her pocket for the stake Jake gave her at his apartment. As the vampire stood over her, Karlea twisted as best as she could, to stab him in the foot. She screamed from the overwhelming wall of pain that shot up over the pain she was already feeling. Before the vampire could fall to the floor paralyzed, a stake pierced his heart from behind. As the body fell, Jake was standing behind him. He rushed to her side.
"I think he broke most of my ribs." She said.

"Vaughn's blood in your system will heal you."
As Jake could spoke, Karlea withered about, Vaughn's blood healing her. Karlea jumped to her feet, ready to take the next round of Reed's men with Jake.

Meanwhile, Reed smashed Vaughn into the wall.
"Damn Vaughn, even you had a few tastes of the girl. She's intoxicating, isn't she?" Reed looked over at her as she was beating one of his men. "She's doing pretty well for herself considering she's still human. We could have it all- you, me, Jake I suppose - and the girl can be our play thing. We can feed from her and whatever else we want. One big happy family."
"I don't think she'd like that very much." Vaughn replied, sarcasm in his voice. "She's a fiesty one, she'd probably rip your balls off."
"Then she'll need to be taught a few manners, and we all know how I do that."
Vaughn looked at Karlea, Reed's method of torture running through his mind. 
Vaughn shook his head, "I'll have to say no to your big happy family. You're not getting her--."
Before Vaughn could finish, Reed smashed his fist into Vaughn's face.

Karlea staked another one of Reed's men, she looked over at Jake who was surrounded by them, but taking them all at once. Her attention was then turned to Reed, who was standing over Vaughn taunting him. His back turned towards her. All she could see was Reed ripping out Danny's heart, was he about to do the same to Vaughn?

She looked over at Jake quickly before running at Reed, ready to stake him in the back.
"Karlea, no!" Jake screamed.

Reed's hand caught her by the throat before she even knew what was happening, making her drop the stake.
"All I have to do is squeeze a little harder..." Reed's voice boomed.
Reed held her up by the throat, her feet dangling in the air. He was crushing her throat. 
her hand pried at his. Jake stopped fighting his men. Reed nodded, and two of his men grabbed onto Jake and held him, as two more went for Vaughn. 
Reed loosened his grip on Karlea's throat just enough to let her breathe. He set her down against the wall, trapping her with his body. He listened to her heart race. He smiled as he took in her scent and her fear. He wrapped his arm around the back of her waist, his other hand caressed her, and stopped at her heart. Karlea closed her eyes, her body visibly shaking. She was certain this was it and her heart was next. 
Reed chuckled,"You think I'm going to rip out your heart...I have much better plans for you, love."
Karlea stared him in the eyes as he continued, "One day, I will take your heart but not today."
Reed sunk his fangs deep into her. He drank until her heart slowed and she was barely conscious. 
"You are the most intoxicating human I've ever drank from, why is that?" He said, sounding drunk on her.
"I don't know." Karlea replied, dreamily, her head spinning, teetering on going unconscious. "Don't let go of me." She said quietly, her legs not able to hold her
"I don't intend to. But right now is not our time. I have pressing matters I must take care of first before we can be together."

Reed bit his wrist. She could hear Jake and Vaughn screaming at her not to drink, but they sounded so far away. Reed placed his wrist in her mouth, closing his fist so more blood would drip from the wound. 
"I'm not turning you, just healing your blood loss, so you can stand. I apologize for taking so much, but it is so hard to stop with you. Drink. All you need is a drop."
His blood hit her tongue, and it seemed to almost dissolve. Her tongue and throat tingled, then the rest of her body. Her heart seemed to jump start back to it normal pace, making her inhale sharp. It was like she was coming to after being passed out. She looked wide eyed at Reed as he pulled his wrist away.
"That was more than a drop, love. This should be entertaining." He smiled, "Too bad I can't stick around for it."
"I will be back for you." He whispered, kissing her on the head. Reed nodded to his men, who let Jake and Vaughn go. 

Karlea watched as Reed disappeared, her heart accelerating. She leaned against the wall, her balance totally off. Jake appeared in front of her, grabbing onto her. 
"What the fuck is going on, why the fuck do i feel so drunk and high?"
"Because you drank his blood." Jake replied, emotionless.
"Oh." Karlea replied, before falling on the floor, laughing. 
Jake looked over at Vaughn.
"Remind you of anyone from the other night?" Vaughn said.

Jake sighed, "I hadn't drank live human blood in long time, okay? The first time back on it always fuck you up."
Vaughn shrugged and pulled the stake from Matt. Matt came to and stood up.
"What a fucking mess." Matt said as he looked around. He looked at Karlea. "What's wrong with her?"
"She's a little fucked up right now." Vaughn replied.
Vaughn made his way over to her.
"We need to get her home." He said to Jake. 

Jake scooped her up, into his arms.
"Hey," Matt said as Jake walked by, "I don't want her back here. Reed's coming back for her, I gotta protect everyone else that works here, you understand?"
Jake nodded, and continued walking towards the exit. 

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MidWeek Tease 1o.1o.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thank you to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop! I ahve been MIA due to work and not having time to write :(

Where we left off, Charlotte was on her date with the handsome, wealthy...and vampire, Anton Pierce. She kind of discovered some things about him, not that he was a vampire, but that he was dominant and that there would be consequences with him, if she was too sassy. They discussed terms of dating each other since they both felt they were bad at it. Things started to heat up in the street before Anton sensed people coming their way...

“And this should be our second date,” she said, “last night was our first.”
“Second date it is.” I smiled.
“You’re only saying second date so it isn’t so bad that we are messing around.” I added as we approached the car. “Although, I’m not opposed to you calling last night our first date.”
“Shhh.” She said, holding her index finger to her mouth, and smiling.
I opened the passenger side door for her. She thanked me and got in, holding onto her flowers that were on the seat. I stopped behind the car, as I made my way around, to take a deep breath. I could drive her home and end the night with her, but neither one of us seemed ready for the night to be over. I got into the car. I looked at her and gently kissed her lips before driving off. We drove in silence for a minute, until I stopped at a red light.
“You’re staring again.” She said, looking over at me with her eyebrows raised.
I shook my head, laughing a bit, “Sorry, can’t help it.”
I looked back at the light just as it turned green. I left my hand down by her seat as she took it into hers. As we drove, I squeezed her hand before letting go, placing my hand above her knee. I turned onto the next street. She strained to look up and out of the windshield, noticing the building coming up in front of us.
“Your place?” She questioned with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.
I nodded.
“You might want to curb that sarcastic tone of yours.” I warned. “Yeah, I noticed that.” I winked.
She looked at me and deviously smiled.
“Or what?” She challenged.
“We’re headed to my place, so you might just find out.” I replied, quickly adding, “If its not too much for you on a second date.”
I dug my nails into her skin above her knee. Her reaction was straighten up her back even more and push her legs together as a heavy breath left her lungs.  
“That’s twice I’ve counted tonight. Not mention all the times last night, enough I can’t even recall them all…” I said.
I turned into the parking garage, my automatic car pass opening the gates to the garage. The car descended down into the pit of the underground. I turned into the section for the two penthouses, pulling up to the gate for Penthouse 2, again my automatic pass opening the gate. I parked between my two other cars. Jax and Marlena’s car gone.
She looked at me. “Both yours?” She asked, smirking.
“Yeah.” I nodded.
She shook her head at me, as I got out of the car. I opened her door for her, and she once again, left her bouquet of flowers on her seat. She followed behind me to the entrance of the building. She would be somewhat safe here, even though she was walking into my domain...this building would be too difficult to drag out and dispose of a dead body. She looked around the lobby as we walked in.
“There’s a small art gallery around the side, but it closed a few hours ago.” I said, pointing to which side I meant.
“Good evening, Mr. Pierce.” The night front desk concierge, Donna, said as we approached. Her eyebrows raising a bit at Charlotte.
I smiled at her, “Evening, Donna.”
I took Charlotte’s hand and led her over to the desk.
“Donna, please meet Charlotte.”
They said a quick hello to each other and shook hands.
“She may be here frequently. If she’s not with me, then she can be let up to the penthouse, no need to make a big fuss, she’s allowed.”
“Yes, sir.” Donna replied, her smile seeming somewhat fake.
I led Charlotte to the penthouse elevator.

Its not his wine country estate but his city penthouse...I wonder what will happen?

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