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MidWeek Tease 12.12.18

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Where we last left off, Anton dropped Charlotte off at her home and left...
After I cleared her street, I sped up, heading towards the freeway. I needed to Everything about her drove me insane with need and lust. I desired and needed her blood...and her body. I wanted both until she was shattered into pieces, barely able to scream that she couldn’t take anymore. My eyes had changed over and my fangs were showing. I needed to be let loose for awhile where she was nowhere around, although my innate instinct was telling me to go back for her.

I hit the freeway pushing my car as fast as it would go. Getting pulled over wouldn’t be a problem, I had ways of fixing that. I took the loop around the city, taking the long way home. Once there, I parked the car in the garage. Marlena had been right, I need to hunt, the way nature intended vampires to feed, in hopes of calming the craving for her. The life of another for hers. I didn’t want to kill, but at this stage of the game, it was unlikely that I would be able to stop.

I walked the downtown city streets, searching for prey. Male, only male. Although, female would definitely calm the craving if I imagined it being Charlotte, but in doing so would make me feel as if I were cheating on her. I wasn’t about to do that. It shouldn’t take long to find the perfect victim, it was a Saturday night and there were sure to be plenty of drunk people leaving the bars.

I stood along the outside of one bar at State and Andrews, as people filtered out.
“Hey, bro, got a cigarette?” A drunk, frat boy asked, as he pushed his way by me.
“No.” I answered.
I watched him stumble around the corner. I slowly followed behind, not wanting him to notice. I watched him carefully. He took another turn into a tight corner of two buildings, to take a piss. I stood at the corner, unseen, waiting for him to finish. I shook my head, some humans were so stupid and gross, and contributed nothing. As he turned the corner, I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him back into the corner.
“What the fuck?” Was all that escaped his lips before I sunk my fangs in, calming the craving for now.

I sat on the floor of my penthouse living room, taking care of some business before the sun rose. The frat boy’s blood still filled me. Marlena knocked on the door, she had texted not too long ago to see if it was safe for her to come over.
“Its open.” I said.
Marlena opened the door and peeked around it. She looked at me, as I leaned back on the sofa.
“Is it safe?” She asked, my eyes and fangs still showing.
“Yes, for you. No to the frat boy I hunted.”
“Is she still alive?” Marlena said, concerned, as she came in and shut the door.
“Charlotte is, which is why the frat boy isn’t.”
“Oh, Anton…”
“I’m not proud of it, felt good though. Anything to keep Charlotte alive.” I looked at her, “You were right, I need to hunt, and its only going to get worse.”
“So, I take it that it went well?” Marlena said, still trying to keep her distance.
“She’s incredible. She makes everything cease to exist, except me. She makes me feel alive and human. And she’s mine. She was so reluctant. Then she was in my arms and I felt it.”
Marlena looked at me.
“No, I didn’t read her thoughts.” I added.
“Wow, Anton, so now what?” Marlena said as she went over to the bar and poured two glasses of whiskey.
I shook my head, “Now I need to keep up the human boyfriend facade. I’ve done it before, but with her, it’s so much harder.”
Marlena took a drink and then still kept her distance as she brought me the second glass. She outstretched her arm, handing it to me. As I took it from her i stared at her wrist, her blood pumped through her veins, tempting me. I quickly took a sip, but I was still fixated on her wrist.
“It’s not safe for you, Marlena.” I growled.
She took another sip and looked at me.
“Here.” She said, holding out her wrist, “But you HAVE to stop. Charlotte wouldn’t like it, if I had to stake you.”
I took it and bit into it fiercely, unable to stop myself.
“Fuck, Anton!” She exclaimed, dropping her drink.
I took a few sips and pulled myself away.
“Go! Before I can’t stop!”
I turned away from her, staring at the floor to distract me from her blood. I watched her tip toe backwards towards the front door, carefully, not wanting to trigger me by running. She tip toed out the door, shutting the door behind her. My ultra sensitive hearing able to hear her tip toe, all the way into the elevator.

Later, I lay in my bed, naked from having taken the bath, I had promised Charlotte that I would, as the sun rose. The heavy black curtains drawn to keep out the light. The bath, a fantasy of her being there with me, of what I wanted to do to her and of what I wanted her to do to me.  The sooner I slept, the sooner my time with her would come.
My phone buzzed with a text from Charlotte. Sassy in her text, scolding me for leaving her breakfast, tea, flowers, and a gift of scented candles on her desk (again) at her work. My response was a simple and authoritative, get used to it.

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