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MidWeek Tease o1.3o.19

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I can't believe the first month of 2019 is over, I honestly don't know where the whole month went and I wish that was because I was busy writing or working on creative projects...but nope. I actually took tomorrow off from work just to have a day home to myself to work on things, so yay! My goal for 2019 is to get out of this job and start making money doing something in the creative/arts field that I love, like I was doing in I know its possible. My current job as an elementary TA is killing me and my soul. And putting me in contact with many illnesses, such as strep, flu, stomach virus, pink eye, oh and lice (this is all this past week). I'm so over it, I only get paid minimum wage. Ughhh. Any words of encouragement and motivation, ideas, would be infinitely appreciated. 

Where we last left off, Anton left Charlotte at work with the thought of him naked in bed ;)
I hung up the phone. That was so not fair of him. There was no way I was going to make it through the whole day with the thought of him naked in bed, or naked in the bath, fantasizing about me while he did things to himself. I grabbed my cell phone from the desk and texted him, That was so not fair. Now I have sit here all day and think about you naked.

His response was a curious, sneaky, smiley face emoji, of which I responded with a mad face. He texted back: You want to know about what’s not The thought of you distracts me from everything - work, sleep, no matter what I’m doing. So, I think you can last eight hours. Enjoy.

Part of me wanted to throw my phone across the room, I was so sexually frustrated. Instead, I took a deep breath and sat at my desk as the museum opened for the day.

A strikingly professional, well-dressed, and beautiful couple walked up to the admissions desk. We greeted each other as they handed me their membership cards and ID’s. I looked at the names on both before scanning them into the system. Dr. Jax and Dr. Marlena Johnston...they were both doctors, which made me wonder what kind of doctors they were, surgeons maybe.
“These bouquets are beautiful.” The woman smiled, warmly.
“Thanks,” I replied, “they were gifts.”
She smiled again, “Someone must really like you.”
I noticed her husband slightly nudge her.
“Perhaps.” I smiled, as I handed back the memberships and ID’s, and giving them each a museum admission sticker.
“Could you direct us to Anton Pierce’s exhibit?” The man said.
“Yes, to the right, around the auditorium. The gallery will be right there.” I said, accidentally looking him in his hazel eyes. We both quickly looked away.
“Thank you.” He replied.
I held the door open for them.
“Enjoy the exhibit.” I said as they entered.

The day was the usual Sunday busy, not anything like the day previous. Throughout the day, images of Mr. Pierce naked flashed through my head, making whatever task I was tackling difficult to do.

Right before the end of the day, a man walked into the museum. He took his time looking at the sculptures in the atrium before coming over to the admissions desk. He stared and smiled at me at I greeted him. He was tall and thin, older with greying hair in his short cut beard and hair. His eyes had a darkness to them as did his whole presence. Working with the public, I could already tell this guy was going to be a creep.

“Good afternoon.” He responded with a deep raspy voice, still staring at me. He glanced down at the flowers, and back at me. “So beautiful.”
I wasn’t sure if he was speaking about the flowers or me.
“Thanks, I think.” I quietly said.
“So...are you a member of the museum or do you need an admission for one...or what’s going on here?” I said with my attitude.
He smirked at my attitude, “One admission, please.”
He reached into his pocket and handed me a twenty dollar bill. I rang him up for the admission and got him his change and admission sticker. I went and held the door to the galleries open for him.
“Enjoy.” I said, unenthusiastically.
He stopped in front of me, thanking me. He took my hand that wasn’t holding the door into his about to kiss it when I pulled it away.
“I’m taken.” I said.
“My apologies.” He replied before walking through the door.
A rush of coldness hit me and I shivered, rubbing my arms as the door closed. I stood there for a second, scrunching up my face and thinking, before I ran over to Frank at the entrance to the museum.
“Frank! Did you get a good look at that guy that just came in?”
“Yeah.” Frank replied.
“He gave me a very weird vibe.”
“I got that, too.” Frank said, “I’m gonna go keep an eye in him in the galleries. I’ll walkie Phil to come up here.”
“Okay. Thanks, Frank.”
Frank took off into the galleries, Phil taking his place at the front a few minutes later. I sat back at the desk, trying to finish up a few things before closing time, but a bit on edge and watching the gallery door for the creepy man to come back out, or to be escorted. I finally lost my thoughts in Anton being naked, again.
I felt a coldness envelope me, then realized I was being watched by the creepy man at the gallery doors. I jumped back a little, almost falling off my desk chair. He walked out of the doors. I wanted to scream for Phil or Frank.
“Thank you.” Was all he said. “And thank you for the security guard, that was a nice touch.”
“You’re welcome.” I said with sarcasm, as I stared boldly at him.
He walked out of the museum and I watched as Phil, locked the doors, the day was done. I thought for a second about his words, and then went running through the gallery doors, trying to find Frank. I tore down the hallway calling for him, my voice echoing. I almost crashed into him as I turned the corner. He looked at me like I was crazy.
“Frank.” I said, relieved.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. I just...I just wasn’t sure if you were. That guy left but he said something about you that made me worry.”
“I’m okay, Charlotte. He was fine, but he was definitely weird.”
I caught my breath.
Frank patted me on the shoulders and said, “Don’t sweat it. The day is over. Go home and relax. Hot date tonight, I hope?”
I shook my head.
“Good, you deserve it.” Frank said.
I put my head on Frank’s shoulder, the darkness of that creep really shook me up for some reason.

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  1. Great snippet, and good luck with the job hunt!

  2. Oh, that was an exciting scene! Well done. Hope you get your RL work sorted out :)