Wednesday, February 6, 2019

MidWeek Tease o2.o6.19

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! A big shout out to Angelica Dawson for continuing to host this fun blog hop! 

Where we last left off, Charlotte had a creepy experience while at work at the museum. She is now home, getting ready to go out with Anton...
I shook off the day by spending some time on my aerial silks and breathing fire, before Anton was to pick me up. Showering the campfire smell off of me when I was done. This time I elected to wear black faded ripped jeans with a long sleeve fitted skull and crossbones t-shirt with ripped sleeves, and Converse sneakers. Something different than my usual, that I wore last night, making sure to wear matching black lace thong panties and bra. An online mini shopping spree was definitely in my near future. My outfit was cute and comfy, and Anton had mentioned something about going to an artsy experimental movie at the Dreyden Theatre.

I was waiting outside on the sidewalk when he pulled up. I could have easy just gotten in his car, but he insisted on parking and opening the car door for me.
“So old fashioned.” I commented as I walked up to him. He was standing on the curb, holding the passenger’s door open.
“Keep pretending you don’t like it, and I won’t do it again.” He said, plainly. “And that’s one already tonight, added on to the three this morning, so we are at four...And for all the feistiness from late last’s going to be a long night for you.”
I smiled and laughed slightly, if it meant more time with him, I was all game, no matter how much it could hurt.
“I have to keep you on your toes.” I smiled.
“Please do.” He smiled back.
I hung onto the edge of the door as I leaned up on my tiptoes to kiss him.
“Hi.” He replied, as he looked down at me and smiled again.
He leaned down to meet me halfway and I was enveloped in his kiss, once again forgetting the rest of the world existed. He was just as intoxicating as the last two times, if not more. His scent was always earthy and subtle, not the strong cologne scent, but more natural. He pulled me around the door until I was fully in his arms, still kissing me. I couldn’t help but to slightly bite down on his lower lip, curious to what the reaction would be again, after last night. It only intensified everything between us. His fingers dug into the back of my shirt and into my skin. His teeth quickly found my lower lip and returned the small bite before his lips kissed my throat, leading down to the side of my neck. He buried his face into my shoulder, breathing and laughing. My fingers automatically winding into his hair at the base of his neck, holding him to me. He quickly pulled away.
“You kill me, teetering on the edge of staying a gentleman or losing all control.” He said, seriously. “On the street is hardly the place for any of this.”
I smiled and let go of him, standing there while he stared at me.
“Are we gonna go or are you just going to stand there staring me, again?” I said, sarcastically.
He shook his head and motioned for me to get in the car. Once inside, he shut the door and appeared around the driver’s side.
“You look so cute and innocent tonight.” He said, as he got in.
He reached towards the back seat and pulled out a gorgeous bouquet of burgundy, almost black, dahlias with lighter red highlights. It seemed he gave me the darker ones for our dates and the brighter ones for my dreary desk at work. He handed them to me as I thanked him without being sassy. I smelled them and smiled, letting the rest of my stress from work melt away.
He must have sensed it because he said, “Rough day?”
I nodded, “Just a patron that was difficult.”
“I’m sorry, He replied, as he started to drive.
“It happens, as I’m sure you know with the winery.”
He nodded in agreement.
“So, what did you do today besides tease me with being naked in bed?”
He laughed, “That’s all I did.  My day off to catch up on sleep. I should have worked on some artwork, but didn’t.”
“That will be my day tomorrow, sleeping. My only day off.” I said.
“See, you made it through the day.”
“Barely.” I laughed, “There was so much paperwork and stuff I was supposed to do, but didn’t get it done...because I was too busy daydreaming about you being naked.”
He started laughing as if he had gotten me back at my game.
“It’s really not funny. But in all fairness, you’re right, I don’t fully understand what I do to you.”
He reached for my hand, holding it as he drove.
“Maybe I can attempt to somehow explain it to you sometime, or be cruel and even show you some version of it.” He said, squeezing my hand.
I didn’t really know what he meant by cruel, but all I could envision was him tying me up and teasing me, then leaving me there. Seemed accurate for a BDSM relationship, although that’s not all we had. I still felt jittery over the whole romantic aspect. Part of me being pessimistic that this was going to end in some dark, fiery tragedy, like all my romantic relationships. Only this one more so.
I had given up on romance a while ago. Past romances either ended up in them leaving me for someone else, using me for money, or one that was secretly an alcoholic who’s idea of a relationship was him constantly putting his fist in my face and putting me down. And everytime I tried to leave, he’d threaten my life. After I found myself again in Los Angeles, it was friend with benefits relationships and strict dom/sub scenarios only. L.A. was the perfect place for it all.
What made me feel the pull to move back to New York, I was still trying to figure out. I was beginning to wonder if it had to do with if it was the universe trying to give me a sign by making me want to move back to this black hole...this just made me sound insane.
I had time this morning to catch up with Amie before I had gone to work. After I told her about my date she was thoroughly convinced that I had found “the one”. I was still fighting myself over if I believed in such things.

Amie also told me I needed to stop questioning everything and just live in the moment, letting things be. Perhaps, she is right...about everything.

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